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MPT® Full Synthetic High Performance Motor Oils

  • Increased fuel economy beyond the results achieved with petroleum motor oils and most synthetics
  • Superior high temperature stability resists oil degradation
  • Better oil film thickness for better wear protection
  • Better ability to pump for cold and hot starts
  • Better oxidation resistance to prevent acid, deposits and varnish
  • Better acid neutralization for extended drain intervals
  • Lower coefficient of friction to reduce heat, friction and wear

All MPT Motor Oils are full synthetic motor oils comprised of the finest synthetic basestocks and friction reducing additives for longer engine life, better fuel economy, and extended drain intervals.

MPT Thirty-K Motor Oil
The finest true synthetic ester/polyalphaolefin motor oils available, fortified with the finest additives, making extended drain intervals up to 30,000 miles possible.

MPT Ten-K Motor Oil
Full synthetic motor oils with robust additive packages, providing engine cleanliness and wear protection for drain intervals from 7,000–10,000 miles or 6–12 months.

MPT Motorcycle Oil
True synthetic motor oils formulated for high revving, high heat applications
, and a naturally high detergency with dispersants that safely allow for extended drain intervals.

MPT Racing Oil
The best choice available for high performance motors. Best basestocks. Best additive packages. Best race protection. Period.

MPT Thirty-K Motor Oil, MPT Ten-K Motor Oil, MPT Motorcycle Oil and MPT Racing Oil are available in individual quart bottles,"Six-Pack" cartons of quart bottles, "Twelve-Pack" cartons of quart bottles, gallon bottles and "Four-Pack" cartons of gallon bottles.

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