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Since 1985, MPT® Industries has set the standard for improvements in lubrication and automotive appearance technology. As a manufacturer of products of unequaled quality, MPT Industries uses only the finest ingredients to produce products that are guaranteed to outperform.

MPT Appearance Products provide durable, long-lasting protection for all your prized possessions! Our top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art MPT Icon™ Extremely Durable Carbon/PTFE Finish effectively acts as a liquid paint protection film with twelve or more applications. MPT Argos™ Durable Carbon/PTFE Guardian Finish provides an outstandingly durable, slippery smooth finish that will repel dirt, bugs and grime, and will increase top end speed on race cars, planes and boats. MPT Classic Polish/Finish coats your vehicle with a durable, superior high-gloss finish with little effort, will never turn yellow, chip or peel. Special UV inhibitors and conditioners prevent fading and dulling from oxidation. MPT Marine™ Polish/Finish provides the best protection available for your boat. It coats with a clear, hard, smooth and mirror-like finish that will not crack, chip, peel or turn yellow. It reduces friction and retards barnacles, algae and salt water erosion. All three are also available in MPT Apperance Product Kits. And to help you maintain that 'like new' look of your vehicle, don't forget MPT Detail, MPT Wash, and MPT Pre-Clean for exterior use, or MPT Cleanse and MPT Condition for interior surfaces.

MPT Thirty-K Motor Oil, MPT Ten-K Motor Oil, MPT Motorcycle Oil and MPT Racing Oil are full synthetic motor oils comprised of the finest synthetic basestocks and friction reducing additives for longer engine life, better fuel economy, and extended drain intervals. All MPT Full Synthetic High Performance Motor Oils are available in individual quart bottles,"Six-Pack" cartons of quart bottles, "Twelve-Pack" cartons of quart bottles, gallon bottles and "Four-Pack" cartons of gallon bottles.

MPT Engine Treatment and MPT Gear Treatment both contain unique formulations consisting of molybdenum and microscopic size PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) particles. And MPT ZDDP zinc additive provides increased engine protection when added to engine oil, bringing it to API SF levels.

MPT Fuel System Cleanse removes contaminants from gasoline fuel injectors, intake valves, pollution control valves, combustion chambers, and carburetorsand helps to increase fuel mileage and engine performance for gasoline engines; safe for catalytic converters and emissions systems. With fuel stabilizers, rust inhibitors and lubricants, MPT Diesel Fuel Conditioner improves diesel operating efficiency, improves fuel economy and restores horsepower to your diesel engine.

MPT Twelve is the longest lasting lubricant and penetrant available. Available in Concentrated Formula, Pump Spray Formula, and new Aerosol Spray Formula, it protects against rain, snow, ice, heat, humidity, dust and salt-spray to prevent rust and binding. Its special molybdenum/PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) formula penetrates, cleans and lubricates, leaving a long-lasting protective film, remaining stable over a wide range of temperatures (-60º F to +500º F).

Our other specialty products – MPT Firearm, MPT Gun Grease, MPT Silicone/PTFE High-Performance Lubricant/Sealant, MPT Moly/PTFE Multi-Purpose Grease, MPT Moly/PTFE Assembly Lube and MPT Pneumatic – are all manufactured to the same high standards and quality.

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